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Save $400/year on heating $ cooling!

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AeroBarrier is an innovative automated envelope sealing technology that makes energy efficient and performance home building EASY for all builders. Certified as GreenGuard Gold and Built Green, our sealing technology safely and effectively seals the entire building, eliminating the problems and shortcomings of traditional construction techniques to stop mold, pollen, noise and airborne insulation from entering your home!


Step 1


Protect surfaces and pressurize the building to twice the standard test pressure.


step 2


Strategically place nozzles around building. Let the pressure carry the sealant to gaps, holes & cracks.


Step 3


As the sealant tries to escape it coagulates and creates a solid plug in all leaks in the envelope simultaneously.


step 4


Air infiltration rate is monitored in real-time to meet your standard. Error free sealing removes guesswork & training.


 When is aerobarrier applied?

AeroBarrier may be applied at any time after rough-in in new homes and almost anytime during a home renovation.

How much does aerobarrier cost?

Our average cost is $1 per sqft. Send us you plans for more details and multi-unit discounts

what surfaces need to be protected?

If AeroBarrier is applied at rough-in or right after drywall is installed, there is very minimal preparation required. We protect windows, doors plus all designed openings, such as ducts, electrical and plumbing, need to be covered prior to sealing.

what’s in the aerobarrier sealant?

The AeroBarrier sealant is an waterborne acrylic that has been used as a fluid-applied permeable air barrier for many years. The sealant is GREENGUARD Gold certified and has been tested according to various ASTM standards and NFPA 285, for fire spread, smoke production, adhesion, anti-fungal properties, tensile strength, etc.

The sealant is low VOC, has no off-gassing and is considered non-carcinogenic.

How is leakage measured?

The AeroBarrier system uses a standard blower door to measure envelope leakage during the process. The blower door calibrated to meet ASTM Standard E779, E1554, CGSB-149.10-M86, EN 13829, ATTMA Technical Standard 1, NFPA 2001, RESNET and USACE.

How long do the seals last?

Third-party lab testing reveals AeroBarrier withstands a simulated 50-year durability test, with little or no seal degradation.  Click here to see the durability test results.


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